In Memory

"Death is not extinguishing the light; It is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come."

rabindranath tagore




By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Ronnie Allen (Deceased 1999)
Leon Anderson (Deceased 2007)  
Karen Barclay (Barlow) (Deceased 2017)  
Joe Barnett (Deceased 2009)  
Terry Bloxom (Deceased 1998)  
Tommy Clark (Deceased Year Unknown)
Marilyn Coleman (McBride) (Deceased 2016)  
Mary Ellen De Leon (Deceased 2002)
Lewis DeMent M. D. (Deceased 2000)  
Forrest Dollar (Deceased 2016)  
Don Elgin (Deceased 1988)  
Elmer Folvin (Deceased 2012)  
Luther (Walter) Foust Jr. (Deceased 2018)  
Margaret Fox (McCall) (Deceased 2011)  
Pat Fuller (Mott) (Deceased 2007)
Ray Gonzales (Deceased 1969)  
Carolyn Haggard (Condon) (Deceased 2020)  
Roland Hale (Deceased 2019)  
Darrell Harwood (Deceased 2006)  
Larry Haydon (Deceased 1985)  
Betty Henry (Gouldy) (Deceased 2020)  
Dickie Johnson (Deceased 2006)  
Eddie Lewellen (Deceased 2013)  
Larry Martin (Deceased 2009)  
Jim McClendon (Deceased 2013)  
Sue McClure (Reeves) (Deceased 2009)  
Karen McDaniel (Deceased 1998)  
Dale McEachern (Deceased 2000)  
Janice Mitchell (Kennelly) (Deceased 2012)  
Vida Morris (Carter) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Terry Mosley (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Jim Mull (Deceased 2019)  
Nita Newman (Deceased 2014)  
Susan Perry (Deceased 2011)  
Phillip Peugh (Deceased 2018)  
Charles Pierson (Deceased 1975)
Priscilla Pritchett (Sammann) (Deceased 2019)  
Charles Quisenberry (Deceased 1975)  
Steve Reed (Deceased 2009)  
Phil Roberts (Deceased 1998)  
Ernest Robinson (Deceased 1998)
Joy Rowell (Deceased 1992)
Lynn Shaw (Deceased Year Unknown)
Linda Shull (Williams) (Deceased 2010)  
Judy Simpson (Wofford) (Deceased 2012)  
Marion Spain (Deceased 2011)  
Ray Stegall (Deceased 2013)  
Sam Stewart (Deceased 1993)  
Steven Stokes (Deceased 1975)
Cheryl Swayze (Deceased 2018)
Karen Tilson (Hayden) (Deceased 2001)  
Donna Tippens (Weiss) (Deceased 2014)  
Robin Tribble (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Dick Trimble (Deceased 2006)  
Barbara Tucker (Deceased Year Unknown)
David Tudor (Deceased 2006)  
Delta Walker (Deceased 1997)  
Bennett Waylon "Bennie" White (Deceased 2011)  
Patsy Whitsitt (Goolsby) (Deceased 2017)  
Gary Wilbanks (Deceased 2008)  
Dan Wilkins (Deceased 2013)  
Brenda Williams (Hall) (Deceased 2013)  
Virginia Woods (McVey) (Deceased 2009)  
Larry Yarbrough (Deceased 1996)  

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